A Preview of the Calyx DAC 24/192 Power Supply Upgrade

Posted on by chris

Pictured is the new and much anticipated Calyx Linear Power Supply (CLPS). The power supply consists of an extremely good customized EI-transformer, an all steel chassis, Ten 4700uF capacitors for better regulation a low drop out regulator and an IEC power inlet so you can use the power cable of your choice. The CLPS was designed to replace the wall wart supply that comes with the DAC 24/192 and to provide a cleaner better regulated 5 volts. Some of the performance improvements will be a more powerful and better defined bass response and an even blacker background from which music emerges. The CLPS is also compatible with the 5 volt Logitech Squeeze box. Available around the third week of December. Contact me for further details. chriszainea@gmail.com

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