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Uncompromising Class-A Headphone Amplifier
The devilish Perfidus is a powerful solid-state class-A headphone amp that will literally blow you away. Even though we tamed the beast, this powerful desktop amp still drives plenty of power and delivers a punchy flat frequency response ranging from 4 Hz-40 kHz. Handcrafted in a sophisticated aluminum chassis, this sleek looking amp works well with all headphones – even orthodynamic - and picks out an immense amount of detail in reproduction. Actually, we can confidently say the Perfidus takes music to another level. Boasting a great resolution, responsive speed and high dynamics, this boutique amplifier milks the warm tones yet has the bite to emphasize the lower midrange with clean distinction. As a result, the Perfidus produces such a rich sound, you will feel like rock bands and classical orchestras
5 year warranty
WIMA high quality pulse input capacitors
Class A amplifier output stage
Highest grade audiophile op-amp
Alps Blue Velvet volume potentiometer
Output capacitorless
On-board 2 x 15 V/15 W stabilized power supply
40.000 uF power supply capacitors
Robust aluminum chassis

This product ships to U.S. address's only!