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Distinction and style with wood beauty. The Phobos headphones draw on a stylish, octagonal shape for the cups. This doesn't just exude beauty but creates a strong design without adding weight. We carefully age the wood used to ensure your headphones are as unique as the music you listen to. These are statement pieces where design and audio unite.

Encased within these statement open cups reside exceptional quality planar magnetic drivers. The design and technology together enable a detailed, firm and dynamic sound: picking up the details in the music and allowing you to bask in the rich details of performances that you love. These headphones are ideal for music ranging from classical to jazz, where detail is everything.

Phobos is the next step in our sound journey, a natural design progression from Deimos, our top of the range headphone amplifier: The next step in the evolution of design-led sound.

Nothing is taken for granted in Erzetich sound development. In addition, design is considered and focused. Instead an experimental trial-and-error approach mixes with a passion for both materials and sound. Working on planar magnetic prototypes the vision became clear.

The result is akin to striking gold: the same treasure as seen in the reunion of brothers Deimos and Phobos from mythology. The combination is mind-blowing sound encased in Erzetich quality and style. Phobos is a dominant character, confident in what it delivers.

Impedance: 45 ohm
Driver: Planar magnetic
Cup system: Open
Weight: 690 g
Character: Analytically detailed, firm and balanced.
Removable and replaceable cable. Left and right Mini XLR to 1/4" stereo phono included.

This product ships to U.S. address's only!